23 December 2006

i'm calmer than you are.

gah. it's still saturday and i'm still at job #2. i've even done a deal and interacted with people and i'm still bored. i'll be happy when christmas is over and commercials will stop featuring happy couples sharing diamonds and cars and meaningful glances and start featuring drunks and parties and liquor. because we all know i'm really, really good at that stuff and not so good at the former. really. christmas is a holiday for couples and those with small children and everyone else can just put on their tacky reindeer sweater, eat some fruitcake, swig some egg nog and shut the hell up because your opinions/needs/wants don't matter. i'm not being mean, i'm only being realistic. now new years, that's a holiday i can get behind. new beginnings, new faces, new people, new places, new drinks, new flavors - i'm all for that. i'm not sure if i'll take the well traveled path and list the things i want to do to change myself for the better this year. resolutions are trite, symbolic but have little follow through. maybe i'll take the road less traveled and list the things i think other people should change. or the things i refuse to change. or the things i'd like to change but simply don't have the energy to do, that way we're not expecting any massive effort on my part yet i can still write an entertaining holiday post. hmmm... maybe not. maybe i'll just write you another drunken love letter and let you call me names and tell me how much i don't mean to you. yeah, i'm not really feeling that one either. i'm still a little burned from the last one, even though i don't think you really read it. anyway. i'm trying to look forward to new years, trying to get past xmas, day by day by day... you know how it goes.

so as i mentioned before, i have all my christmas shopping done except for one, which i'm putting off until the absolute last minute because that's how i roll, roberto. shopping was easier this year, in the sense that when you cut off an arm getting dressed in the morning is somehow easier. i'm not sure when the absolute last minute will actually occur as i'm not sure if i have internet at home still or not. those iowa telecom bastards are dicking me around again, and i hate them with every ounce of my being, you have no idea. anyway. i guess i could bite the proverbial xmas bullet and get it over with.

six minutes and twenty-five seconds later...
now all my xmas shopping is done. i had to call and confirm roberto's email address because i imagine it would be kind of hard to get an email gift card back from some random dude.

yay! i have plans for friday! that's new year's eve-eve-eve, so i can recover on new year's eve-eve and then party again on new year's eve! yay me! okay. so now where's the party? :)

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