11 December 2006

hello, goodbye...you again?

it's weird the way people come in and out of my life. at a time when someone bows out, someone else reappears. it sort of reminds me of recycling - out with the trash and in with the new. except that i hate taking out the trash and i sort of fear change. but life goes on.

anyway. the comeback of a friend, a long lost friend, walnuts. i sure didn't expect to hear from him, but some how, some way, he always finds me. his timing is impeccable - when i last heard from him, i was actually in a similar situation, emotionally. hmmm. interesting. so instead of embracing this reaffirmed friendship, i'm holding him at arm's length. more on this as it develops...

christmas is just two weeks from today. christmas eve, regardless of when i get off work, i'm going to stay at mom's house. it just feels normal to be there on christmas, even if i do have to get up early and leave for work. plus, my vacation is coming up. three weeks from yesterday and i get a week of vacation. i'm still not sure what i'm going to do. my presence has been requested at job#2 on the saturday of that week and i need to make a trip to see my pookie and my best gram. but i'd also like to get to clt to see libbeth and the new baby. and sue wants to go to cun for a group celebration. and the texas ranger wants to go spa-ing in psp. so we'll see.

i've decided i don't like iceberg lettuce and i'm not going to eat it anymore.

so lately i've been sleeping with my cell phone on silent because my best good work friend finds it funny to call me at the wee hours of the morning and say stupid things, like "good morning sunshine" and "gobble gobble." so now, with my phone on silent, i sleep soundly and peacefully until my real alarm goes off at 0711 (i have a thing against waking up at even, normal times, like 0700 or 0715, etc). so anyway, a few days ago, i'm sleeping away, and little do i know my phone's blowing up at 0400. and it's my best good work friend, again, except this time, he truly needs something - he's sick and wants someone to go with him to the er. i didn't find his messages because i didn't check my phone until later that day, almost 12 hours later. i felt soooo bad, i can't even begin to explain. he's okay, he's got a severe case of food poisoning, which he received from eating at a restaurant in dsm, never mind the fact that he just got back from dkr, which is thousands of miles away where food is generally much more questionable. it's kind of ironic. hehehe... but he learned not to call me at 0400 unless he truly is dying.

this wednesday we (not the royal we, but the we that consists of me and the texas ranger and a few other work compadres) are taking a girl from work out to celebrate the birthday of her sister who passed away about a year ago. she's not dealing well with the death of her sister, which is understandable - the woman was barely 27 and had two children under the age of 6. she had cancer. how awful is that? i agree that all things happen according to a plan that's out of our grasp - all things for a reason - but what on earth could the reason for such a horrible thing be? anyway, my coworker isn't sleeping, she doesn't eat, she cries all the time - i feel for her. so if taking her out and helping her celebrate the life of her sister is a small thing we can do to help, i'm all for it.

i'm going to bed. i'm tired.

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