02 December 2006

i'll kiss you., mr know it all

boys and girls it's 2308, and i've had about 12 grey goose and cranberry. which is funny, be cuyase cranberry is the ninja fruit. HAHAHAHAH. A. i just wanted to send some trl shoutouts to my hube, because i LOVE the hube, and amber, because i LOVE amber. and nigel and snakmaster bob, because i LOVE them too and the waiter, who should totally meet tony, and tony, because he shouyld totally meet the waiter. "hi i'm tony and you're..." yeah, whatever. i love randi, because she won't let me call her by her real name, and i love amber becuase she said she has like 13 alarm clocks and would stil get me home on time, adn i love my 10th grtaden cyhemistry teachyer and her husbanbd, harvey. and i love the godfather, without him i would have no bad ideass about how to pay off my vehiccle.that's itailian. yeah! and i lve the bartender, seven, not the only that's directly related to amber but the cute one in the hat, yeah, you know who you are. and i love missy, because n ot matter how much i've drank, she'll still take me to a safe place. and i have to thank god. and my mom, becuase she she had me convinced it was midbight and its not and i;ll get an extra hour oif sleepm yessssssss. and andyc, he sucks. but i still love him. and roberto. and markus, and this is starting to sound like jayz's speech. so i thkn i should go to bed. but i love you all. no worries. 0720 will roll around and i'll be oh so ready to go to work and flip people off secretly behind the desk because they're all mutherfuckers and i'm smarter than all of them, they just don't know it yet. if i didn't mention you, chances are i don't love you but i;ll introduce you to... well, nevermind. yes. ok. it's bed time. i loveyou hube!!! you're the best! next weekend: you, mee, nigel and tattoos. don't argue. yoy know you're there.

good night all. peas out. superfuckinawesomejanel. :)

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