29 December 2006

i don't have enough crap in my life.

really. bring it on. apparently i can handle it because it just keeps on fucking happening. ugh. i'm under a strict confidentiality agreement at this point so i can't say a lot, but dumbass, i told you to take off that sweater. i'm smart. you should listen to me once in awhile.

ugh. so this does affect my immediate plans, there's no doubt about that. but fuck it. i'm still going. not as soon, prolly, and really that's okay because the idea of having to move in two freaking weeks was scaring the holy hell out of me, truth be told. but i'll still go. now i can do things at my own pace. i just hope things work out for you, because i'll miss you and i worry about you.

yes, grasshopper. the template has changed. bleak. stark. simple. black and white. maybe the way things should be...

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