07 December 2006

hot glacier on glacier action.

today was so incredibly boring. i only took like two bag claims all day long and i was soooo tired and for no good reason, really. i slept in this morning, which was kind of nice but doesn't even compare to the sleeping in i plan on doing tomorrow. :) tonight i'm staying up late and watching movies and eating popcorn. and tomorrow i'm sleeping in. late. nowhere to be, nothing to do, i'm sleeping in. actually, i do have to be at the post office. i'm selling stuff on ebay again, nothing major just trying to make my car payment.


so again with the chocolate milk? yup. today is 07dec. the milk i drank this morning will expire on 27jan. that's like six weeks from today. so. tonight i went to the supermarket. i bought a gallon of milk. again, still, it's 07dec. the gallon of milk i bought tonight expires 21dec. that's 14 days. wtf? really, someone tell me how the hell that works. because i don't get it. i didn't see formaldehyde listed anywhere in the ingredients. i'm perplexed.

i'm too busy to write right now. bbl.

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