13 December 2006

i was bound for mexico

i saw the stupidist sign today. it said "free complimentary bottled water." ummm.... yeah.

i love csi: miami. i've mentioned this before. it's on right now. there's this giant murdering south american snake that they're chasing. it's grossing me out but i can't stop watching. it's so awful and so icky and i'm drawn to it. ugh.

tomorrow is my friday. thank god. it's been a dreary week, filled with the drama that surrounds our little american clique. divorce (not mine, either) and fights and breakups and anniversaries and subpeonas and christmas decorations. the place is teeming with hullabaloo. sometimes it's just nice to get away, even if it's just for a day or two.

i had the most retarded dream ever last night - so dumb i'm even embarressed to recant it here. it involved a lot of hair. that's all i can say. it was soooo dumb, and i was so glad to wake up to find out that i wasn't covered in hair. whew. :)

walnuts is trying to communicate with me further. i haven't talked to him since saturday, or was it sunday? i don't remember. but he's messaged me every day since then and so far, i haven't responded. i'm not sure why, but i don't trust him this time around. i don't want to get close. but maybe it's not just him, maybe i just don't want to get close to anyone. regardless, i still don't trust him right now.

i'm tired. and i can't bear to watch csi right now, david caruso or not. i think i'm going to go to bed.


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