08 December 2006

come on boy, she's ready for you.

i read about the most interesting jobs today. they're with raytheon, which as i understand it and i could be wrong is a giant conglomerate company that contracts for the government. but they're in antarctica. wouldn't that be the coolest? no pun intended, sorry. i could be a line cook at the south pole. seriously, that's a job they offer. or i could do corporate communications at the south pole. i'd just have to find some gloves i can type in, because i can't type in my mittens. or my candy cane gloves, i tried that at work and it didn't go so well. i can't even text in my gloves. gah.

roberto and i just made the stupidist trip ever to dsm, it was retarded. it took longer to get there and get back than we actually spent within city limits. dumb. he was going to try to bribe some poor schmuck to sell him some jordans before they actually come out next week and that bright idea failed so fast, neither of us really knew what to do. so we got some starbucks and left. we had mexican in the dutch village tonight. that was good. last night i tried to call pizza hut but they wouldn't answer, which i don't understand because it was within the constraints of their clearly defined "business" hours, but i took it as a sign and instead went to buy groceries, which consisted of about 12 frozen dinners and milk and cat litter. and cheese. i love cheese.

no chocolate milk today. i'm convinced there's something in there that's not good for me, but i don't know what it is.

okay you bastards. how come my crap on ebay isn't selling? go bid. you're helping a good cause (me) do good things (pay my rent). go bid! do it. DO IT.

i got new books today. i've been scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as reading material is concerned (does barrell have two L's, because one doesn't look right but two really don't look right either, god, where is mrs. thompson when i need her? gahhh.), the last book i read was some stupid waste of money about the real lives of sorority girls and it didn't do anything to dispute the already bad opinion that i and most other human beings have about them. omg, that's all one sentence. mrs. thompson would fail me for that.

the misty party wagon may morph into a misty party golf cart, which is hilarious when i think about it. the godfather has a golf cart he may let us use for an evening or two, which would be great except i want to paint it pink and glittery and i don't think he'd like that too much. but really it's completely appropriate when you stop to think that boy and the waiter will prolly be riding around on it all next summer. ohh, that's mean. i shouldn't play that way. but i will. i want to have the "hub" (omg that's funny) put headlights on it and roberto says as long as we have a flag we ought to be fine. but the godfather wants to check out the laws pertaining to driving a golf cart on the streets locally. i told him not to bother, we'll just drive through people's yards.

i cashed in my change jar today, actually it's a fish. i have a giant red glass fish in which i keep all my spare change. well, i did, but today i cashed in the change and now the fish is empty. there was like 160$ in there, which is rock star cool, because NO ONE IS BIDDING ON MY EBAY CRAP.

okay. so a pirate walks in to a bar and he's got the steering wheel for a boat attached to the crotch of his pants. and the bartender says, 'hey man, you've got a boat steering wheel attached to your dick.' and the pirate says, 'aarrrrrrr, it's driving me nuts.'

i'm going to go watch movies and earn badges on pogo. another exciting friday night. gotta love it. peas out, bitches. muah!

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