23 December 2006

i will motivate you, private pyle...

gahhh. my internet at home is down. i don't know why. it worked yesterday morning and last night when i got home, there was nothing. it just blinks to high heaven with nothing to connect to, and it's irritating the holy hell out of me. there's nothing specific i want to do, but the fact that i can't do anything just perturbs me. (isn't that a great word? perturb. it just sort of stutters off your tongue, you can't say it gracefully.)

so. what else is new? last night was chrisgiving (or thanksmas) with momma and the fam. all were there except steph, who had to go hang clothes at target. poor steph. i often think my job sucks but that job would suck at a degree to beat all jobs. dinner was wonderful - mom was making up for the fact that some of us didn't get a real thanksgiving dinner the first time around, not that we really need it. but it was great. i don't get down to c-town very often, i'm not sure why.

i'm at job#2 right now. i overslept this morning after falling asleep early last night and just not setting an alarm at all. dork. i've been sick all week. really, really sick. thursday, roberto had to drive my sick ass to the doctor so i could get a shot. this time, instead of torodol, which sort of works, dr. moron gave me a short of visteril (or something like that). i went from painful headache to fully stoned in about 4.7 seconds, which was completely unexpected but not necessarily unenjoyed... i slept for a full 13 hours, from 1330 to 0140, ate dinner at 0200 on friday morning, and went back to bed for another seven hours. that's messed up. my sleep patterns are all screwy. i missed a crazy amount of work this week, which pretty much ensures that i'm not going anywhere on my vacation the first week of january, which sucks. but i have other things to do. i have a project at job #2 to start and finish. and i need to go visit my gram, she's not well. and i want to visit my dog. so i'll just have to visit kuala lumpur and switzerland and ghana and fargo in march.

yesterday i finished my xmas shopping with a flying trip to the big city. i'm turning more and more antisocial by the day - i hate the obscene shopping mall scene, especially the weekend before christmas. yuck. there were definitely more men than women and the line of husbands/boyfriends/significant others at the coach store made me laugh. i was there for all of seven songs on my ipod, which had to be some sort of record for me. but i got all but one thing i needed, the last thing i need i'll order online and send to roberto's email. isn't that festive of me?

tonight is dinner with father and stepmummy. meatloaf. it's going to be phenomenal. but this will fulfill my holiday obligation and i can then eat chocolate cheesecake with a guilt-free conscious.

peas out.

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