28 December 2006

i'll thump your bass, you little bastard

i'm not pondering life anymore. i want to go back to school. i actually like school, i like going to school, i like complaining about school and worrying about school. i'm good at it. so there. it's decided. as long as things work out like i want them to. there are quite a few things that have to happen (and things that have to be sold because i don't want to herniate my family members by asking them to help me move...again). but there also some doors that i need to close, permanently.

but i also thought you should know that i'm not all roses all the time. i know i'm awesome, i know you know i'm awesome, but i thought i should let you in on a little secret, and this is just between us, otay? sometimes, i just suck. for no real reason, i just get shitty. so i'd apologise in advance except that i don't accept blanket apologies and therefore i don't expect you to either. but i do feel that there are some things that you should be made aware of, that way they don't become dealbreakers down the road. these are just some habits i possess that i've been told can be annoying...

  1. i take off my shoes in really inconsiderate places. like in front of doors, in the middle of rugs, or in the center of hallways with the lights off. it's not on purpose.
  2. sometimes i won't do laundry for a week or two and then i'll do it all at once. sometimes i do laundry everyday, almost compulsively, without warning. sometimes i do it at really odd hours at night.
  3. i will leave bad food in the fridge rather than putting it in the trash if i think it might smell. instead, i'll put in the trash only right before i take the trash outside.
  4. i'm sort of meticulous about the wrong things. like it doesn't bother me to pay my car payment a few days (ahem) late but i'll rip somebody's head off if my bath towels are folded the wrong way.
  5. i shed. a lot. i have a lot of hair. i'm sorry.
  6. i don't like to talk in the morning. i need time.
  7. for some reason, i'm compelled to keep paper shopping bags. and even scarier, i keep them beside the dryer, creating a major fire hazard. i don't need them and i won't use them. but i'll keep them.
  8. sometimes, i won't talk at all and i'll just sit on the sofa and watch movies over and over and over. or sportscenter. don't interrupt this. i'm okay. but i'm not going anywhere. at least not until the next day.
  9. i'm sort of a slob. i hate dusting. i hate mopping. however, i will vacuum, no worries. and dirty wc's gross me out.
  10. i require a lot of space in the bathroom. it has to do with having a lot of hair. don't ask questions.
  11. i like all my cans to face one way in the cabinet and i group them by type and/or meal.
  12. somedays, i refuse to answer the door and possibly the telephone. just because i can.
that covers the important stuff. that i can think of right now.

so my little brother got fired. we worked together, at least we did until yesterday. i guess poor attendance finally caught up with jorge, because no one bought his "my car won't start" phone call on tuesday morning. i guess i got sort of crappy with him when i called him to ask about it, but he was equally shitty with me in return. i'm no perfect attendance queen, ha - not even close. but i'm upset for a couple of reasons. one really has nothing to do with him. my evil spawn of satan supervisor fired him at like 0800 - he prolly wasn't even awake and she knew it. she also waited for a week when his biggest fan and defender wasn't there to help. i hate her. not just for this. for a lot of reasons. she *is* the coming of the beast, when i see her i look for headless horsemen and locusts and shit. gah. but jorge knew that in the probationary period she didn't have to have a reason to pay down the gauntlet. and i honestly liked having him around. i guess i'm upset that he didn't take it just a little more seriously. but it's a little late know. he could prolly get on at comair if he'd just pick up the phone...

three more days and then i don't have to work for many days in a row. rock. that's good because i'm tired. i'm going to bed now.

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