28 December 2006

i wanna get the most out of medicare!

luke i am your father
do you watch the weather channel? i watch the weather channel obsessively. sometimes i watch for hours on end, sometimes with the volume muted because if you've seen it once, you're truly good for about 8 hours. but i think they lose perspective. because they think every thing that happens, weather-related, is an event for the ages. but they can't all be storms for the history books, can they? think of how big those books would be. but weather fascinates me. i love radar. i heart doppler. i love the greens and reds and whites and pinks and purples. :)

aaack! so of course, i was dragging my feet on the aforementioned school thing, but now, now things are moving quickly. suddenly the gre doesn't have to be taken until june, which was one of the larger hurdles between me and school. i still have to find three people to write letters of recommendation (and i'll bet my mom can't be one of them). but the biggest obstacles, at least of those left, are moving and money and leases and jobs and cats and lawyers and crap. how nice it must be to be one of those people that can pack two boxes and their clothes and put it all in the car and go. but i'm never going to be one of those people because i am an accumulator of stuff. always have been, always will be. like toys. i have a closet full of toys. i'm not a child - by all standards, legal, medical and whatnot, i'm (supposedly) an adult. but yet i have a closet full of toys. some of them are sentimental. some of them are just inanimate objects i've gotten attached to because i can't stand to throw things away. some of them i'll never give up, like my darth tater which remains one of the coolest things i'll ever own. maybe i'll find a charity i can donate to during my time off next month. that would be good. then think of all the rubbermaid totes i'd have, empty and ready to use... wowie.

my kitties are revolting. for the last two days i've left too late for work to stop at petco and get the kind of food they really like, so they've been eating the food that they sort of like. it's not like they're going hungry but i'm not the most popular person in the house right now. i'm getting snubbed. so i'm going to go to the big city early and buy kitty food.

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