12 December 2006

ugh, it's wednesday...again

well, it's my wednesday, anyway. ugh. it's foggy here and raining in ord, which could make for a long day. i have an awful sinus headache but i can't get to the doctor until friday. this would just be a good day to stay in bed all day and do nothing. but i won't.

the cat wouldn't let me sleep this morning; it was just imperative that i get up and feed him, although his new food bowl is supposed to be of the self-serve variety. if they would just eat all the food in the bowl instead of the food in the front of the bowl, more food would emerge from the reservoir tank and voila! no need for me to get up at the crack of dawn to shake the food bowl. but i guess that's no fun for them, so they continue to paw at my face to make sure i get up to nudge the food bowl with my big toe. really, that's all i have to do. it's all they'd have to do . i make sure he watches me do this every morning but so far it's not working. in this relationship, i'm not sure who belongs to whom here.

ok. going to work. yeehaw.

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