02 December 2006

some would say i'm morally bankrupt

little do they know, they're half right.
again, i find myself perplexed by the chocolate milk i had for breakfast. today, 02dec, i had a bottle of chocolate milk with a sell by date of 14feb07. wtf? how is that possible? even though it's fat free and supposedly reduced calorie, it must be pumped full of formaldehyde or some similar preservative that keeps it from rotting right through the bottle. i highly doubt that something like this is good for me, yet i know this and i continue to drink the stuff. i'll be 27 when that shit goes bad. holy cannoli.
well, last night i did it again. and this morning, i undid the damage and i've vowed to not do it again. once again, the misty party wagon headed to dsm to get various body parts permanently altered. misty got her ear sticky outy thingy stabbed and decorated and i, once again, had brian at ink addiction put a needle through my nose. this time it freaking hurt. and this morning my nose was all swollen and red and not nice to look at. so i pulled it out and now i'm done. the placement was a little further forward than i would have preferred and i wonder if the fact that this nostril has already been pierced had anything to do with the swelling. so, whatever. i'm done. no more. although brian at ink addiction did do a good job. if i'd have left it alone, it would have looked nice. eventually. with the assistance of a little sea salt and warm water. and a lot of time. and maybe some painkillers.
i'm at job #2. we're making wreaths today. we're taking down the tacky red velvety stuff and replacing it with blue and silver. i feel i should participate in this because i'm not decorating my own home for the holidays this year. there are several reasons for this phenomenon, and it is truly a phenomenon, because i'm generally a christmas freak. one, i love christmas. i love the trees and the stockings and the wrapping paper and the whole nine yards. but, it's all very tempting for a new kitty. and i do think mischa would dismantle any decorations i did put up at home. two, i'm never home. it's silly to decorate and go all out when i'm the only one i'm decorating for and i'm not even there to see it, which is really reason number three as well. so there you go. no christmas tree for me this year. maybe next year.
okay. i'm going to go pretend to work now. ta ta!

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