30 December 2006

all the stars will smile for you

so last night i drove to dubuque. and last night i drove home. it was an odd set of circumstances, but honestly it's not a bad drive. it takes 2 hours and 32 minutes to get there from the dutch village. i'm tired today, but it's for a good reason. my heart is no longer in my throat and i'll sleep like a baby tonight because there's no party in the kitchen. just so you know, if you ever throw a party in the kitchen while i'm sleeping on the sofa, i'll kick your ass. but there's not too many people i'd drive a total of five hours to spend seven hours with. in fact, i can prolly count them on one hand. but you're one of them. and the idea that you're hurting makes me hurt, because that's the kind of friend you are to me. i hope you know that you can always call me.

unless my phone is on silent. :)

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