06 December 2006

today i can't be quiet. maybe tomorrow.

you'd expect me to say something today, wouldn't you? today of all days, today i get nostalgic and thankful, this day, every year. today is my "i'm happy i'm alive" day, no matter how bad things are going. today is an anniversary i wish i didn't have but one that i can't ignore. i'm 12 years happy to be alive, happy to be here, happy to be me.

so. today i'm going to discuss all the reasons i have to be happy, all the things i have to be thankful for. or at least the top 10 things that i'm most thankful for. tomorrow i can discuss things that aren't so great. i may blog again at midnight... hehehehe...

so. here the are the top 10 things i'm thankful for today, in no particular order.

  1. i have a place to live and food to eat. i have the basic comforts in life and then some.
  2. i am so thankful for my family; they love and care for me, support me no matter what.
  3. i have fabulous friends that i would do anything for and they feel the same way about me.
  4. i'm healthy.
  5. i'm intelligent.
  6. i'm thankful for blue skies, green grass, heavy snow, warm blankets and hot summer nights.
  7. i'm thankful for my work, i enjoy it and it allows me to see the world.
  8. i'm thankful for the experiences i've had and the people i've known and loved. those experiences have left me with memories i'll cherish and have molded the person i am today.
  9. i'm thankful for hot showers and bubble baths.
  10. i'm thankful for the future. i have so many options, so many choices, so many things i could do. if my life isn't good, i can change it.
i'm happy. and now i'm getting ready to go to bed. g'nite.

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