04 December 2006

what's that noise?

back to life, back to reality. back to work and everything that goes along with it. i had a chance to discuss life with the texas ranger, whom i've missed dearly. we're on different shifts now, so we rarely get a chance to chat. it was nice to be back at work and back to a regular schedule. i have a week of vacation in january, right after new years. the texas ranger and i are talking about going to palm springs for a day or two and heading to a spa. i could use a massage.

i'm sitting in my living room, across from vanilla ice. i have to admit... i'm a little intimidated. he's awfully pretty. i just wonder if he's as good as everyone says. i'll have to let you know. he brought strawberries and cream, he can't be that bad. at least he's thoughtful. more on this to come...

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