07 December 2006

champ i ate your chocolate squirrel. sorry.

okay. i'm no longer busy, so i'm back.

so. today, the nice but undate-able guy at work once again sought me out in my baggage haven to prove what, i don't know, perhaps that he has an infallible sense of direction that brings him in from the cold and into the building. i really don't know why else he keeps showing up, unless my saying 'hello' gives him the right to stalk me. okay. not fair. stalker is a little harsh. he's not stalking me, but he does cause me to think a little bit more carefully about the time of day that i leave. because if i time it just right, i don't have to see him. because i don't want to see him. ugh.

what else? my best good work friend took off the other day on a little mini vacation. to florida? nope. to chicago? nope. to lax? nope. the weirdo took off to senegal. i don't even know where that is. okay, now i do. thanks google. he's been there for about a day and a half or something like that and now he's on his way home. what's the point? why africa? i guess why not but still.

okay. so i had this dream the other night that i was playing basketball with roberto, and for those of you that know me, playing basketball is actually not the weird part of this dream, and i ended up breaking my ankle. cast and crutches and all. so the thing that upset me in this particular dream was the fact that i couldn't get up or down my stairs. i live on the third floor. it was impossible. i was disabled, temporarily, and i was pissed about it. in fact, i was still pissed when i woke up. and then i realized, it wasn't the broken foot that i was upset about or even the cast or the crutches. it was the fact that i live alone and i'm afraid of something like that happening. what would i do? i don't know. but since my foot's not broken i'm not really going to worry about it. but i'm also not going to be playing basketball anytime soon. you're surprised, aren't you?

sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

so obviously, as it's the seventh of december, i've paid my rent. which puts me 16.333 percent through my lease and 16.333 percent closer to getting out of iowa. yay me. i don't know where i'm going, yet, but it's going to be warm and within a 30 minute drive to a large body of water. and i don't mean lake red rock. although it's a nice lake, and goddamnit, it's the biggest manmade lake in iowa, you bastard, it's no pacific ocean.

get out here, panda-jerk.

oh? remember my mentioning a pathetic 90s white rapper? yeah, i couldn't come up with a better nickname for him, i wasn't feeling very creative at the time and right now i don't really care. regardless, he's all they say he is. i kind of like him; i may keep him around for a while.

okay. jazz flute. i have to go. peas out, fellers.

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