29 December 2006

oh, it's on like donkey kong...

okay, so maybe nothing has changed and i'm still in a frenzy. i don't know. sometimes i talk too much, so don't be mad at me. i need to start packing. i need to take a shower and go to work. work, work, work. only 8 more hours and then i have days off. ya-freakin-hoo.

things to do this week:
  • go see my gram
  • talk to my landlord
  • buy packing tape
  • sell my table, my entertainment center, and other crap i've accumulated
  • find boxes
  • get a job
  • find a place to live
  • make sure my friend still loves me
  • drink on new years (nigel, are you with me on this one?)
  • make sure school wants me
hmmm. not bad. i'm going to start with taking a shower and going to work. peas out.

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