20 December 2006

okay. so maybe i'm overly dramatic.

i'm not dead. not anywhere close. but for the record, i still don't feel ... right. i don't know. i'm a little off kilter this morning, maybe from the shot i got or becausei didn't sleep at all last night. i saw every hour from the minute i crawled into bed to the moment i had to get up to go to the bathroom, prolly because i slept so much yesterday. so today, no matter how tired i am, i'm staying awake. yup, i'm staying home again. i'm prolly going to get fired now. or at least put on a step. what do you do? go to work sick or stay home and get in trouble? i generally don't have any trouble calling in sick except i really love my job so i always feel really guilty when i call in.

there are things i need to do today, which i doubt i get done. i have a lady waiting on a longaberger basket that i need to ship. and i have some paperwork i need to mail. and some bills to pay, laundry, i have laundry to do and floors to vacuum and blah blah blah... crap, it's all crap, and i don't want to do it, any of it. so there.

the president is on tv. he's stuttering and blabbing his way through the open question session. i think a president should have to win an academic decathlon before being sworn in. he should be able to debate his way out of a wet paper bag, he should be able to associate composers and musical pieces, he should be able to bake a fine souffle, he should be able to win a spelling bee. if we'd subjected our current president to an academic decathlon, we wouldn't be listening to him stutter and him and haw right now when i should be watching ellen.

there's got to be something else i can be doing with my time. i'll be back...

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