29 December 2006

oye vey

i will never, ever, ever, ever be able to navigate this city. not even in the daylight. once its dark i will be dormant. i will hibernate. i will be a reverse vampire and wait for light. i will be the anti-dracula.

but i digress. the point is that in a matter of about 7 minutes i crossed three state lines (two of which i won the first-across-the-state-line-game twice, oh yeah, that's how i roll) and crossed the river like 16 times. really. freaking crazy. my sense of direction, which is iffy at best when i know where i am, is completely gone right now. i have no idea where i am, except that i'm at willie's house (and i think i'm parked in someone's spot and i'm sorry). but willie's house is about two minutes from an arby's with what must have the slowest drive-thru this side of the appalacians and the gas station next door spells speed with an extra 'e'. it's on the end. i'm not gracing that spelling with a presence here because it looks fucking stupid and i won't have people, the casual superfreakinawesomejanel reader, think that i perhaps misspelled speed the first time and that i really spell speed with a fucking 'e' on the end. i don't. which is why i'm not spelling it that way here. okay fine. you want to see it? speede. wtf? it's the speede shoppe. i don't know if that's supposed to be cute or if it was just a typo but i think it's freaking weird.

there seem to be a lot of housing options here, which is good, for someone that is thinking about moving. housing is important. it's good to have somewhere to put my crap. and my cats. there are neat places and there are places that look ...eh. you know, ...eh. but whatever. as long as no one takes my shit and my cats, i'm cool.

bug guts (you didn't like the previous name, you said it was too wordy... is this better?) drove me by the school. being that it was dark, i got the abbreviated tour, and from a car window, but it was very pretty. it's hard for anything to look nice this time of year as most greenery is faded and brown and leafless (is that a word? i know "speede" is not, i'm not sure about leafless.) but it was still very nice. it just reeks of expensive but once in debt to the guv'ment what's another student loan, i like to say. educate me, uncle sam. i'll pay you back. someday. maybe. unless fiji doesn't support extradition and then you're s.o.l. my man.


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