29 December 2006

you shut up you little potlicker. i'll put you in a microwave.

i don't care if marty jones has 400 bags to unload and a heart attack in the process of unloading them. i will never, ever, ever, ever help that redneck-no-english-speaking-motherfucker with anything.

i feel better now. so. now that that's off my chest, do let us discuss the events of the day.

as usual, i put off the whole leaving for work thing until the very last second because that's what i do - procrastinate, and sugar, i do it well. so i'm going to let the kitties eat their second favorite food because it's not killing them and i spent good money on it and there's starving kitties in africa that would appreciate that food, by golly. but that's not the point of this rant. this particular rant does in fact with the act that i saw at the gas station on my way out of the charming dutch village.

the dutch village is sort of a tourist haven, being all brick and clean and uppity and shit, with all the pastries and antiques and crap. lots of people come here to vacation, which i find bizaare, but maybe when i get old and decrepid and start putting kleenex in my sleeves i'll understand. so today, i'm standing beside my sherman tank of a car, uugof (his mother was a volkswagon), getting gas at the absolute slowest gas pump in marion county (i mean really, i could suck a slurpee through a twizzler and spit it into my gas tank faster, really, it was like a 17-minute process). and i'm standing there and looking around because it's hazardous to reenter your vehicle while fueling and i see this car over in the corner of the parking lot with a crew of blue hairs rolling out. there's like 26 old people in this car, no joke, it's a big old lincoln, baby blue with missouri license plates and it's full of old people. slowly, once they get all the walkers out of the trunk, they all filter into the gas station except for this one old lady, about a deuce, deuce and a half, who is the last one to roll out of the car. (yes, i'm still waiting for the gas thing to click and be done.) and she kinds of stands there and stretches. and then she reaches around and fishes around in her ass for about six minutes and pulls out either what must be like six yards of fabric or a small child, she was in there so long, but i didn't see. it was disgusting. and then this is the gross part. she sniffed her hand. i about threw up. it makes me shudder right now, just thinking about it. ugh.

so. anyway. yup, still wrestling the school/moving thing. i truly think i like the idea. i liked the idea of moving the last time i was thinking about it. and i like the idea of going back to school. so i'm going to do it. i guess it's just a matter of when. so, here's my plan. i'll apply. i'll see if they accept me. if i can start in january, i'll go. if not, i'll move anyway and work until summer. i'm going to do it. que sera, sera.

i need boxes. and tape. and to get out of my lease. hmmm... didn't i just do this? sorry snackmaster bob. i might need help again.

okay. i'm getting bored. want to come over and play gijoes? yeah, i didn't think so. i'm going to go to bed. or at least go read. i'm pooped. i thought a lot today. my brain hurts. peas out. love, superfreakinawesomejanel

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