28 February 2008

thirsty thursday = liquid lunch

a piece of advice for those of you that might be interested in obtaining a job: business socks just might work. however, if you're going to buy business shoes, buy the right size. business shoes that are too small freaking suck. i didn't buy them on purpose, i'm just retarded and can't read. but don't tell that to my potential future employer. because i think i distinctly remember telling him that i can actually read.

so here's the scoop: the interview went well. the potential employer is originally from iowa (score one for the janel!) and is looking for someone to fill an agent assistant/marketing assistant/sales assistant kind of position. there is all sorts of licensing and training to be completed. but based on the feedback i received and the vibes i picked up on, i feel really positive about the entire experience. i may receive a job offer in a few days. and then i will need to make a decision about moving.

everything happens for a reason, right? everything happens so that something else can happen, doesn't it? god never closes a door without opening another, right? the chapter of my life that has just ended, no matter how sadly or tragically is the beginning of another - and i love the idea of a fresh start. new beginnings doesn't mean not remembering, and i need to keep that in mind. i couldn't sleep last night, i just lied there and cried for what seemed like the longest time. and i thought about calling my mom but i didn't want to wake her up. then i just decided to have a heart to heart with the baby. i even called him by name, which i've never done before. and before long, i wasn't crying anymore and i could sleep. i just felt better. i don't know if that's healthy or even recommended or anything, but it made me feel better.

anyway. that's what's going on. i think we're going to lunch soon. now that i'm done wearing my new pants i can eat again. bring on the white bread and carbs and beer. seriously. i may have beer for lunch. what are you going to do about it?

yeah, that's what i thought. punk. :)

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