26 February 2008

becoming jane... L

in case you're keeping tabs, yes it is in fact after 3am. that seems to be the standard in the libbeth household. i'm not sure why. everynight is a weekend night, less the drinking, around here. and that's cool. but again it's after 3am and i have to be awake in the morning to call a potential pay-check-hander-outer to schedule a time for me to evaluate him and vice versa, i guess. someone want to give me a call about 9am, your time? (that part is very important.) being awake before noon is getting to be a chore. after all, i am on vacation, damn it. :)

anyway. so we watched becoming jane(l) tonight. not something i would have picked, but now that i'm familiar with james mcavoy i'll certainly watch it again. it was pretty good. and as soon as i'm done with chuck klosterman's fargo rock city, a disection of the evolution of heavy metal music especially in north dakota, i'll start into pride and prejudice, which if you can believe it, i have never read before. how on earth did i make it through college and never read that? i must have been gone that day.

anyway. i'm going to go read chuck's top albums of all time. i'm guessing that gnr's appetite for destruction is in the top five. that's probably one of my top 20; it's pretty freaking good. someday, when i'm feeling particularly creative and contemplative, i'll give you a list of the janel's top 20 albums of all time. but right now i'm tired. and i'm suffering from mcdonald's induced heartburn.

or maybe that was the reese's easter eggs. i'm not sure.

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