27 February 2008

i can't keep up with all the s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g

libbeth and ryan spell a lot of things to keep the k-i-d-s from h-e-a-r-i-n-g. and i can't keep up. i didn't realize i was such a slow speller. in fact, when my brothers were little and my parents played that game, i was pretty freaking good at it. i could keep up like nobody's business. but now they stand in the living room and toss out r's and p's and e's and i'm all, "slow the hell down, i don't have a damn english degree, you bastards!"

so far, it's not working. so the man child and i just sit and eat cookies and watch tv.

i want to go to bonnaroo this summer. check out this lineup. looks bloody awesome, doesn't it? i would love to see kanye and rilo kiley and pearl jam and willie nelson and jakob dylan and death cab for cutie and bb king. anyone up for a road trip in june?

off to find more cookies. c-o-o-k-i-e-s are g-o-o-d.

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