19 February 2008

scenery and peanuts

have i ever mentioned how much i love airports? i do. (and i'm pretty sure i have mentioned this before.) and right now i'm in atlanta. and there are people freaking everywhere. this place is insane. i'm flying delta. and i have to say, they have the nicest airplane bathrooms i've ever seen. however, from my vantage point above the ramp, there is a lot of potential fod blowing about this afternoon. (fod is foreign object debris, which is trash and zipper pulls and shoes and key chains and small dogs and such that blow about the ramp that get sucked into jet engines causing major catotrosphic damage or serious bodily harm like decapitation or poking your eye out.) this airport could use a good fod walk.

i'm currently sitting across from a non-atlantan (no accent) frat boy who is providing some nice scenery. which is a nice change, because there was no scenery in kansas city. none. at all. they were all old or women. or old and russian, which i really didn't understand. and then when we started boarding, it dawned on me - all the scenery was hiding out in the delta crown club, the foo-foo first class gin and tonic at 9am leather chairs and ottomans exclusive waiting room. bastards!

i am growing the worst zit ever. libbeth and i have concluded that this is a repercussion of making out with one of wayne county's finest on friday night, even though he actually has really good skin. i'm being punished for .... poor judgement? still no cell phone number for my new friend. i will paypal 5$ to someone who can assist me in getting this. :-)

and now my frat boy has been replaced with old men. damn it all to hell.

i wonder if there is a swatch store in this airport? i wonder if i should eat lunch. we're going to dinner this evening, sort of a belated birthday dinner for both libbeth and i. her birthday was 3 days after mine, we're both officially in our late 20s, and we both apparently need to eat dinner to celebrate this. i know i do. i'd like to have a drink or 2 or 12 but with the kiddos there its not appropriate and so i will refrain. poo.

i'm going to go walk. it's boring at this end of the terminal and i don't leave for a couple hours. ooh. my scenery is back. maybe i'll just wait it out and eat lots at dinner tonight... :D

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