25 February 2008

blockbuster is taking you away!

my guts are in serious dismay. i hate mcdonalds. it's a meal you can't deny; or at least i can't deny. i can't go to mcdonalds and not eat or be around people eating mcdonalds and not eat. so i ate it. and now i'm suffering because of it. i read fast food nation (and you should too, if you haven't already) - i know what goes on there. and i still eat at fast food restaurants. what can i say? i'm a sucker for sodium and trans fats.

but, eating at mcdonalds obviously means that i got out of the house today and i didn't even have to hold anyone at gunpoint. out and about in the sunshine and 60 degree weather - it was beautiful today and i loved every second of it. we even had the ac on in the car - can you believe it? anyway. libbeth showed me a couple of the more eclectic neighborhoods in town (eclectic meaning upcoming, somewhat snooty and overpriced), as well as the university and the university neighborhoods, and the speedway, which is much larger than it looks on television. it was good to get out and see things, get some fresh air and some sunshine - that really helps my mood, my temperament, my overall wellbeing. i feel much calmer today, more relaxed.

plus... i got a job interview. i have to call tomorrow morning to set up a time, but its thursday or friday. i don't know that it's my dream job, but it's work and work is good. it's something to occupy my mind. obviously, if it's thursday or friday, it's here in north carolina, so a job would be an obvious pro for the list. i was talking to libbeth today, and she asked me what i would do if i actually got a job while i was on vacation. and i have no idea. how would that work?

"sure, i'll take this job, but i'm going to need a two week vacay - and soon, damn it - so i can get my affairs in order and my life in order and i can go drinking one last time with one of my best good friends so we can get wasted and sing pat benatar. plus, i may or may not have a date with one of wayne county's finest and i would like to accomplish that just to see if that pubic hair thing is true."

(that last part was a joke, mom. i don't really have a date with him.)

but i don't think that statement is going to help in getting me hired anywhere. so that leaves me in a pickle. a quandary of sorts. hmmm...

but i'm putting the cart before the horse. shit. i don't even have a cart and i don't know anyone with a horse. LOL!

but you know what a job interview means? shopping! because in all my infinite brilliantness, i did not bring any clothes suitable for greeting potential paycheck-givers. so a-shopping we shall go. woohoo! :D

i'm kind of excited. and that's a good feeling.

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