20 February 2008

deep sleep and very clean teeth

i have not slept so deeply, so soundly, and without the aid of drugs, in weeks. i feel good this morning. we were up until nearly dawn - about 4am - just talking and talking and watching ry (libbeth's husband) play video games. i feel so comfortable here, it's like another home. i love the kids, i love the pets - it's just easy to be here.

my flights yesterday were uneventful, kudos to delta for not losing my luggage or destroying my brother's suitcase. atlanta was not nearly as intimidating as i'd imagined and in fact, my flight to charlotte arrived about 40 minutes early. i've never had that happen before. we went to dinner last night at an italian restaurant, carraba's, and ate ravioli and chocolate dream dessert. (yum!) the kids are just as awesome as i remembered and the baby has blossomed into this wonderful little girly girl. she's adorable.

i got the coolest birthday present from libbeth and the family last night. they surprised me with a sonicare toothbrush. we had to first try it out in the glass of water, like they do on television and you know what? it works. that is one powerful beast. and my teeth are so clean. shiny clean. amazingly shiny clean. and when you use it, it tickles your gums. it's the coolest toothbrush ever.

the weather is beautiful today. it's going to be mid 60s today and mid 40s tomorrow. and while that's not terribly warm, it's still warmer than home and i'll take it and not complain.

okay. i'm going to go watch cartoons and find something to eat. i'm having fun, being smart and being safe. more to come late. love, superjanel

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