07 February 2008

hey, hey, its my birthday

i'm old. i'm 30 minus two. if libbeth lived around here, i'd spend the next three days beating her up because i'm older than she is and because i'm a bully. cyber-bullying isn't quite the same and i hear that you can actually be prosecuted for that anyway. that, and since she's all preggo and stuff, i'd kind of feel bad.

anyway. i'm old. my mom and my brother took me to lunch to today and reminded me that my 10-year high school reunion will be this year and won't i want to go? oh hell no. i didn't like any of those fools when i was in school, why in the hell would i want to go hang out with them when i'm not in school? there are a few people i can stand from school, i guess i don't hate them all. but it still doesn't sound like a good time.

i'm glad to have court over with and done. i didn't realize what a relief that would be, just getting it behind me. the trip up was kind of scary in spots, it took the better part of two and a half hours to make what's usually an hour long trip. but if there's a bright side, i got to eat at long john silver's, which i'd never done before. i think the reason i'd never eaten there is because long john silver's always makes me think of clarence thomas and i don't like it when my fish and/or shrimp makes me think of a black judge's dick. in fact, i don't like much food that makes me think of dick. i like to keep my dick and my food separate, thanks.

and now that we have that settled...

saturday the fam and nigel and snackmaster bob are taking me to red lobster. it may be my foray back into drinking, because i like lobster and i like margaritas and a lobsterita may be just what i need. especially since it comes with beads and a big ol' lobster necklace and i like beads and necklaces. wearing lobster around one's neck is not the best way to get the boys to come-a-running but that's not really my goal, currently. i think i've had enough of boys for a while although it could be just boys named nick, i'm not sure.

i don't have the heart to tell you what happened with the bee. not right now anyway. i can just tell you it wasn't good. i'm still a little sick over the whole thing. but i've always heard that the best way to get over a boy is to get under a new one. or something like that.

i'm going to go have cake now. i heart cake. and this time i cut out my whole damn name and i'm going to eat it all. pictures to come.


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