23 February 2008

where did i put those cookies?

i'm hungry for grape nuts. i like grape nuts. it's a healthy cereal but i like to make it very unhealthy by putting entirely too much sugar on it and a whole lot of milk. yum. the kitties love the milk from my unhealthy grape nuts; i'm very popular in the mornings at home.

i'm so happy - i'm going on four or so nights of unmedicated nights of real sleep. i'm excited to go to sleep at night, i sleep for long periods of time, my dreams are back to normal (read: whacked out, bizarre, weird), i'm not waking up - i'm even sleeping in. i think it's helping that libbeth and ryan are keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning on a regular basis, which isn't normal for the janel at this point. physically, i'm feeling pretty well.

there's changes going on at home; big changes, the kind that make you feel kind of bad for having frivolous vacation fun. not that i could do anything if i were there, except make that "i'm sorry this is happening" face and maybe offer to make dinner (let me warm up that broasted chicken for you) or put the dog out. but it still makes me feel bad. no one is sure of what will be happening and uncertainty is a terrible feeling - it's affecting a lot of people i care about and that makes me feel terrible. i wish i could help.

have i mentioned on here that i'm considering a life change, like a serious life change? (it seems like i do this every couple of years, don't i?) but considering that i really have nothing going on at home - no job, no life, no significant other - it seems viable to consider options in areas other than iowa, doesn't it? so part of my trip is looking into jobs and homes and things that i like and things that i don't. and while i haven't really had a chance to seriously look into much since i've been here, it's definitely been on my mind. i talked about it with my mom before i left and we've talked about it since i've been here - she's not pressuring me into anything, either way - i'd miss her terribly if i moved even an hour away, but this is the kind of decision that needs to be made so that things can happen. so i need to make a pros and cons list. i'll be doing that sometime soon.
okay. time to eat. the janel is hungry. kthxbai.

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