03 February 2007

what's with today today?

i had a long, beautiful eloquent post written. but ie crashed and took my unpublished post with it. fucking whores. so rather than rewrite the entire thing, because 1) words of such a poetic nature could never be rewritten and 2) i don't really remember everything i wrote about, i'll just give you a highlights paragraph and go from there...
  • it's fucking cold.
  • i'm fucking cold.
  • it's fucking cold outside.
  • it's fucking cold inside too.
  • it's not going to warm up any time soon.
  • i hate winter.
  • my brother's sofa is absolutely hideous.
  • but it's really comfy.
  • i slept well.
  • no naps behind the country kitchen for me today. :)
  • and i didn't stab him.
  • i don't even know what a shank is.
  • my nose ring doesn't hurt today.
  • and it's fucking cold.

i think that about covers it. there was some other stuff too, some whining about work and blah, blah, blah, but that's pretty typical and i can dish that shit out anytime, anywhere.

going on 1400. only one more hour of work and then i'm going shopping. shopping warms the soul, doesn't it? maybe that was soup. shit, i don't know. i have an asston of homework to do and i'm not going to get it done until absolute last minute because that's how i roll.


i wore my starfish shoes the other day and my toe's all still broken, right? yeah, not a good idea. but my feet looked really cute. never mind that i couldn't walk upright, i was limping so bad. my shoes were cute and that's the main idea.

i have a friend that wants to set me up. i don't know if this is a good idea. ugh. i'm just now getting over my last blind date... that was about seven years ago.

61 minutes until shopping. 56 days until opening day. rock.

peas out.

love, superfreakinshortattentionspanjanel

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