21 February 2007

is rusty still in the navy?

on any given day, i do/say/experience a number of stupid things. that's just a given. ask anyone around me. it just happens. but today... today was special. today i learned a lesson.

today i learned that before i jump down anyone's throat for changing their voicemail message to something nasty supposedly towards moi, i need to make sure i'm dialing the right person. because i dialed the wrong person with the wrong message and then i got mad about the message. so on my drive down this morning, after listening to the alleged message, i got pissed. so i called back to voice my concerns about this message. and i dialed the right person with no message and let him know what i thought. and midstream of this thought - i realized what i'd done. i have two people by the same name in my phone. and bright and early - we're talking prior to 0730 cst - i'd managed to call both of them. and irritate the holy shit out of both of them. they both thought i was crazy. and frankly, so did i.

so. i had to make reparations to two people instead of just one. one, i had to say, no, i realize that wasn't your weird ass voicemail that i was listening to AND i'm sorry i didn't call you back in 20 minutes like i said i would and i realize it's been 8 days and that's just sort of shitty. and to the other, i had to say, i know you've only prolly been asleep for like half an hour but i'm a retard and it wasn't anything important. and yes, his bf's still being a meathead but no, he still doesn't want you, sorry.

all before 0800. the drama never stops around here. hallelujah. holy shit. where's the tylenol?

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