13 February 2007

question: did my shoes come off in the plane crash?

as i'm sure you've gathered, it snowed again today. in some way, measureable or not, it has snowed every day since i moved to this god forsaken city. i think it will snow all the way up until july, when we will be blessed with 17 216-degree days, after which it will begin to snow again. the glory of living in god's country, yes?

to celebrate the fact that it was cold and i was cold and there was no getting warm no matter what, i made snow angels in the yard today. well, do let me clarify. our backyard lies at a small angle. so, when i thought i was just walking along, i actually sank into a snow drift that's about 10 inches deep. so my first snow angel actually fell on her ass, all completely-ungraceful like. once i recovered from that and pulled some of the snow out of my pants, i then made a real snow angel. but the angle of the back yard makes it hard to get up. so it looks like my beautiful snow angel actually crapped her pants. but whatever. but because there was no way to take pictures of this event, and it was such fun it needed to be documented, i have drawn you a picture. much like simon, the small boy in the bathtub, these are high quality "drarings" indeed.


that's my house. and those aren't real bars on the window, but i wish they were, to keep the neighborhood ruffian children at bay. look at the angle of the yard. it's no wonder this little snow angel can't keep her footing (and no, she hadn't been drinking, it was barely noon.) - it drops off, like a little mini cliff in the backyard. no, not really, it just makes for a better story. see the snow blowing around? look at the detail in my hair? and i'm wearing that obnoxiously green coat (but it is warm) and my snowboots (one of which is sliding down my foot and filling with snow).

my little snow adventure lasted about 11 minutes before i had to come in and take a really hot - like scalding hot - shower. it's really freakin' cold outside, sister. brrr.

i am a kick ass artist, don't you think? i can print you a copy of this picture and sign it and mail it to you, if you'd like. for a small fee. :D

that's all i want to talk about right now.

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