07 February 2007

happy bday to me, happy bday to me...

it's my birthday. i'm now officially 27. it's interesting to consider the differences in where i am now compared to where i was a year ago. and i don't mean geographically. but my mood is too good to dwell on that crap now. mentally, i'm in a better place than i was a year ago and that's what matters.

next week, assuming i still don't have a job, i'm going to new york for a couple days to catch up with mrs robinson and the doll. then i'm going to head to charlotte to see libbeth and the kids. i think that's a good birthday present from me to me. and then when i get home i'm going to have to get a job. because being cute is great but i can't figure out a way for it to pay the bills.

i'm tired. and full of mushroom soup. i'll talk more in the a.m.

love, superfreakinhappybirthdayjanel

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