12 February 2007

X1/2... no hpn today, kiddos.

fucking snow. i hate winter. actually, i don't hate winter. i just hate winter when it gets in the way of the things that i want to do. like see my friends. it was all set up that i was heading out first thing monday morning to go to hpn to see sue and dolly. well, not anymore. the snow is creating a major headache for moi and sue's regional manager is staying right down the hall from her and the entire tdy crew has been warned not to allow freeloaders (such as me, but not specifically named) in their rooms. rude! so she wants to test the water before she gets the party reputation, which honestly i'm sort of surprised she doesn't already have. has my sue undergone a serious attitude adjustment? are the days of danger and trouble long gone?

so tuesday is the plan now, but if it gets anymore complex and resorts to sneaking me in and out of a hotel, i may just say fuck it and head to charlotte where i can have my own room and not have to share a bed with a woman who snores like a dying water buffalo. we'll just have to see.

in the meantime, this is just further proof that i should have done my homework. because now i have to go to school tomorrow night.


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