26 February 2007

don't you have anything nice to say?

the omniscient furby strikes again. his horoscope writing skills are a tad on the terror inducing side, because i don't need/want/like any more drama in my life. but that's what he's predicting. and because he's the furby, and because he just knows, i'm in for another swell day.
"There might be someone in your immediate circle of family or friends that you like very much, Janelle, but with whom you just don't see eye to eye on certain issues. This conflict of ideas both unnerves and annoys you. In this relationship, your feelings and your ideas cannot live in harmony together. You will be very aware of this kind of contradiction in your life today..."
why can't they just write nice, happy things? like, 'today will be sunny and you're going to win the lottery and have great hair?' just once, i'd like to see that happen. nope, instead i get this kind of crap. i don't want to be aware of contradiction. maybe i'll just sleep all day.

i'm pooped, kiddos. more to come later.

love, superjanelishappytobebackatwork

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