04 February 2007

i hate peyton manning.

i have a lot of respect for tony dungy. but peyton manning is a big whiny sucky baby. and now that he's won a super bowl, la-de-fucking-da, i'm going to have to put up with seeing his ugly buck tooth mug all over everywhere. i'm not okay with this.

look at him. smug bastard. i say no more. i say we stand strong and boycott. for no other reason than because he already has more money than god and he's already in like 59 percent of all television commercials. this is going to get ugly folks. but we have the power to stop it.

and i'm not even an over the top bears fan. i say go 'boys. but i tend to root for the underdogs and there are no bigger underdogs than the chicago bizzears. plus i think lovie smith is just an all around swell guy.

in other news...

somewhere, under this pile of boxes is the gran massa champ's bed. i'm not sure where. unpack your shit, man. i'm tired of looking at it. ugh.

i still have homework to do. toodles!

1 comment:

Vince said...

I'm with you on the Manning boycott . . . as long as I can still love Vinatieri!