18 February 2007

roger needs a therapist.

i have five goldfish now: roger, adolf, petey, otto and bruiser. (this is roger.) i think they're pretty normal goldfish: they swim and splash and sleep and eat (a lot). they don't seem to remember much, which i hear is pretty normal for a goldfish. they all have their own little personalities, which is kind of cute. and day to day, the seem to exhibit pretty standard goldfish behavior. except for roger. he likes to stick his head to the filter for extended periods of time. i'm really not sure why. i have several theories on this. one, he meditates. two, it just plain feels good. three, he's just a dumb goldfish and doesn't know any better. i have attempted to take a picture of this, but when ever i go near the tank, they assume it's feeding time and act like big fat fatties. i'll keep working on this.

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