07 February 2007

it was kathy bates for me.

this is the house that beetlejuice built. the doors all have two inch gaps underneath, at some point, it's two and a half inches, at some points it's three. all the doorways are cockeyed, making it impossible to move a sofa. i'm not sure what happened here, perhaps half of the house sank. i don't think we live on top of a sinkhole but i guess it's likely. i always heard that illinois was susceptible to sinkholes but i didn't see any in the neighborhood. just like the level of crime, i don't think that's something our landlord would tell us about.

anyway - the gaps under the doors. there are gaps under all the doors, bathroom doors included. now you have to know that the cats find closed doors quite offensive - they don't like it when you shut them out of anything. so this morning, and every morning and every time i'm in the bathroom i shut the door (you're welcome), and every time, i'm greeted to cat paws and cat faces in the gap under the door. it cracks me up. big kitty isn't small enough to wedge his entire head in the gap, but he can reach pretty far. lil kitty can squeeze about half her body under the door before she gets stuck and i have to rescue her. she's retarded. this was my early (0900) morning comedy.

yesterday was new fish day. her name was harriet but she kind of looks like a pirate so i changed her name to petey. a girl named petey, i know, i'm stupid. whatever. shit, they're prolly all girls. she's a little hyper for this teenie-weenie tank. she annoys adolf and roger with her childish antics. that's why i like her. i'm going to have to spend my birthday dollars on a new fish home. which means that i can have another fish for my lil fishie tank. yay me. :D

the music in the house is getting more light hearted. are things looking up? maybe.

my mom wrote the most amazing blog about me. it made me cry. but in a good way. they're coming up for dinner and stuff on friday. i need to clean. i'm the only one in the house that's able. lol.

what am i going to do today? i have no idea. i'm waiting on the ups man. he's bringing me a box from my father. i need to go to the post office and do some other dumb stuff.

busy now. toodles, lovelies.

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