05 February 2007

it's so cold, they've shut down dbq.

i'm not joking. they've shut down like all of dbq's 113 colleges. except for mine. i still have to go to school. but all those other lucky bastards that attend the other 112 schools in town - they get a day off. it's a conspiracy, of jfk proportions, i tell you. it's a plot, against me, to get me to freeze my (conclave) ass off tonight when i have to go to school. hehehehe...

want to talk about school? okay, let's do. so last night i did my homework. (my mom is reading this and she's letting out a sigh of relief. 'my daughter is a procrastinator but not a complete slacker...') and it was good. i did exactly what was asked of me and i produced an outline that brought tears to my ears. i mean eyes. this is for two reasons: one, it was late and the reading was boring and i was bored and i wanted to be finished; and two, it was a nice piece of work, if i do say so myself. (excuse me, i need to do self high five.) so i emailed it to my partner, because apparently in the mac program which is modeled after the 'real' world, we have to work with partners - no project or thought is completed alone. anyway. i emailed it to my partner so she'll merge it with her outline, which i'm sure is inferior and incomplete, because no one is as smart as me and no one will ever be as smart as me and i've long resigned to this fact.

but i digress. this morning i wake up, on my own schedule and not by my crazy landlord, thank you, and go through my morning routine: pee, logon, check my myspace and my email. ooh! partner has already merged our outlines. there may be hope for her yet. so what do i find upon opening this document? a fucking mess. she slaughtered my outline. completely and totally. this snarky little beast trashed three hours of my work and my words. i just about choked. i'm kind of pissed except it won't do me any good to rant to her about it - it's a little too late to make many changes now. so tonight when we present i'll read from my outline while holding ours. and then maybe i'll trip her after class.

things to do. toodles, lovelies.

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