08 February 2007

it's a small world after all...

it's a funny thing when you realise that your lives are more enmeshed with those of your friends than you first thought. it's like six degrees of kevin bacon, but on a far more local and ...ahem... personal scale and in my house. weird. but not vomit inducing. it wasn't directly making out with my friend, it was making out by proxy. this kind of stuff only happens to me, i swear to god. really.

last night was my birthday celebration. the gran massa champ and i went out for yummy bday pizza and birthday drinks. birthday drinks everywhere. i can't always find the walmart but i can always find the bar. lol. i'm slowly but surely becoming an alcoholic. i don't remember if that was our third or fourth night out in a row but at that point it probably doesn't matter much, does it? my stomach is developing a strong iron coating and i don't know if i need to be proud of this or if i need to be afraid. but i feel fine today. granted, i didn't wake up until 1100 but i still feel really good. i'm going to go eat cold pizza here in a little bit.

shit. i need a job.

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