02 August 2006

do you need a tampon for your forehead?

i think i gave brent a concussion. i'd like to say that for hitting me in the **new** tattoo, we're even, but unfortunately the pain he caused me i'm sure doesn't even register in comparison to the pain i caused him. i seriously thought he was going to need stitches to close the vagina on his forehead, but it stopped bleeding. i gave him my whole tube of neosporin and maybe i'll take him some gauze tomorrow. i do feel bad. really, i do. but goddamn it, don't hit me in the tattoo. ugh. in my defense, because someone needs to come to my defense here, i was assisting him in the moving process. just me. i'm scratched and banged up as well, so don't go feeling all sorry for him. his new apartment is really cool, the view is quiet nice. note to self: keep an eye out for set of four red vinyl spinning retro barstools on ebay. he'd better not sell those.

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