24 August 2006

shake n' bake, baby

for future reference, fear anyone who starts a conversation with these words: "remember me?" ahhh yes. my random encounter has resurfaced. i think i was debating as to which scenario would be worse: not recognizing random encounter and having to be reminded or recognizing and remembering random encounter. as it turns out, it was a little of both. because random encounter encountered me. at. work. AT WORK. nice, eh? as it turns out, his name is patrick. not john as he would have led me to believe. and he's a little more close to home than i would have imagined (and/or appreciated). and he did his homework on me. he surprised me with a handful of facts not known to the average superiorjanel fan, at least not one spawned in just a few hours time. he remembered me all too well - so apparently i made quite an impression on him. as well i should have, given the circumstances. hehehehe... :D

so today, this dude comes out to the house to take video for the virtual tour that the realty company will use in its online ads. it's a little strange to think that my house and my belongings can soon be seen online. i hope you can't see my dust. i even had to pick up the laundry in the bathroom. i hope he didn't video in the closets... that's not going to sell this house very quickly. link to come soon, this ought to be interesting...

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