17 August 2006

excuse me while i kiss this guy

i'm tired but unable to sleep. i've got a lot on my mind. i didn't make it to the fair, that's not first and foremost on my mind, but something i can talk about. i talked about going with a couple people from work but the time came and went and i found that i just couldn't muster the energy to go. there's always next year. the corndogs and root beer will be the same, i'm sure. life will go on.

i have yankees-red sox tickets for sept. 17 at yankee stadium. do i sell or do i go? if i go, i have to find someone to go with me. if i sell, i need to hurry up and get it done so i can get them in the mail. i'm dying to go to yankee stadium - i've never been to new york and i want to see old yankee stadium while i still have the chance. and i want to see my lovaboy kyle farnsworth in pinstripes just one more time... *sigh* what's a girl to do? anyone know of anyone that would buy yankees-red sox tickets? anyone want to go to a game?

so i'm having a particularly strong urge to go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money. money that i don't really have, that doesn't really belong to me. (ha. that's the perfect kind of money to spend, honestly...) except i don't really need anything and i'm sure i'll only come home with more of the same. as if i need more br jeans and jcrew shirts. well, of course i could always use more br jeans and jcrew shirts - in maui i bought the most adorable br cropped jeans, they are so comfortable i can sleep in them and the only reason i know this is because i have done this a couple of times. which is good, because they cost me a fucking arm and and a leg and i had to sign over rights to my first born child in the event that i ever push one out. they were that expensive. :D but they're so perfect and they're amazingly worn but not too worn. rob was like, you spent how much on ripped jeans? they're not fucking authentic? but he wears women's pants, and dirty ones at that (dirty pants, not dirty women, well, i guess i don't know that, so never mind) so his opinion doesn't really count.
but really, i have so many repeats it's beyond pathetic. in fact, it's time to sell and not to buy. i have a ton of stuff to sell on ebay, but no motivation to do it. except to make room for the new stuff i want to buy and don't have room to store. hehehehe... i quit carrying my really nice purse to work - my beautiful coach purse with the snakeskin trim, oh it makes me hot just thinking about it - because people were looking at me funny. it's a well known fact that we [airline agents] don't make a lot of money, so people think i got a baby daddy. and i think it's funny, so i don't correct them. little do they know, i just budget quite poorly and put off making my car payment for awhile and stored up my "allowance" in order to buy it. but it's looking so sad in the closet it may be time to break it out and put it to use again... i can't stand a sad looking coach purse, especially when it's mine.

tomorrow. me, miss-t, missy and brooksie are getting drunk. in. public. i don't want brooke to leave! the mere prospect makes me sad, especially since i haven't learned her neat-o burrito bar tricks! :( miss-t is having sock starching issues, as am i, and i'm sure this will be among the topics of conversation tomorrow. however, we'll be speaking in pig latin to keep others from obtaining too much information. i'm not too excited about some people going along, but since i'm not the one organizing the going away party i can't complain too much.

things that are currently annoying superjanel:

*i left the bathroom light on and i'm too lazy to get up and turn it off because the fan is on and it's kind of cold in here and i've already taken my slippas off and i'll be brr...

*i left my clothes in the dryer and that means that tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn i'll have to retrieve them in my skivvies

*fat eddy is still sleeping on the fucking sofa. fat eddy won't get out of my fucking face...he's always there. i offered to send his big dumb ass to denver this weekend and he won't fucking go. grrr...

*my saturday plans have been cancelled and i'm already bored and it's nowhere near saturday... maybe i'll scratch that cs i did at work so i don't have to work until noon on saturday and then i can drink more on friday with fewer repercussions. hmmm...

*i've lost one of my all-time-favorite pink and green striped socks and i think the culprit is not the butler in the library with the candlestick but that adorable f.w.p. bastard dog.

*i need to get my eyebrows waxed bad. and a pedicure. and a bikini wax. and a haircut. and a highlight. i need a spa day! where's my phone? oh bella, oh how i love you... now there's where i can spend an outrageous amount of money and technically come home empty handed. no one has to know i just spent 600$. except me. and courtney. and she's not talking. she's the shit. she digs weezer and bad jokes and she has kick ass hair and i love her.

okay. i'm tired and i'm babbling and i need to go get my laundry and get ready to get up at the ass crack of dawn. for some stupid ass reason i agreed to work 0600-1900 tomorrow, and then i'm getting drunk. in. public. i so need a martini or 12 or 16. i wonder who will drive my stupid ass home? maybe i'll just stay at misty's. i better undo that work on saturday morning thing.

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