19 August 2006

i ♥ bendy straws and baseball boys

brooksie is officially 21. last night we celebrated this fact in each of the four bars in chariton. some were fun, others were not so fun, one was so great we went twice. i have a serious fascination with baseball players - especially really tall ones. misty made me go home with her, i think otherwise i would have gone home with him... :D i think i'd like to see more of him - i wonder if that chance will arise? hmmm.... so. brooksie provided each of us with our own bendy straw to carry from bar to bar, and while they're not too handy with shots, they did make drinking out of small glasses more fun. and they were great conversation starters. there are all sorts of pictures, pictures that shouldn't be published, anywhere, ever, but i have a feeling they will eventually surface, probably years from now, when i'm campaigning for public office. i had a great time, even though my cell phone will not make international phone calls and we were not able to reach t-roy. i met a lot of cracked out people, but i'm telling you, that baseball player was beautiful. i heart baseball players. oh yes. especially that one.

but the evening would not be complete without a perplexing conversation with a two-legged, yellow-bellied individual i like to call "boy." boy, this one's for you. i don't understand what's up with you. really. i'm not looking for commitment. i really don't even want to serve you tuna casserole anymore - i don't even want to starch your socks - you've sucked all the fun out of that for me. i just don't understand how one person can swing so far - from hot to cold - in a matter of minutes. are you on drugs? have you considered it? it might mellow out your mood swings. you think i'm just a spoiled little girl - the bored and horny housewife. but i'm not filling you full of crap - what i told you was the truth. i'm leaving him. we're selling the house. and he strongly dislikes you. i'm sorry you don't believe what i say; if not believing makes it easier to deny my friendship, well, i can't change that. but i am disappointed in you. if nothing else, i thought we could be friends. but if this is it, that's great. it's been fun.

remember my random encounter? as it turns out, me and brooksie have something in common. hopefully, it wasn't on the same night. but, random encounter dude has a wife and kids. and he lives in dsm. a little too close to home. yikes...

i got the new york dilemma solved. craiger and i will be gracing the city that never sleeps with our presence come 16sep06. this will be fun.

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