27 August 2006

sweet balls!

job applied for. feels weird. disloyal. not that i want to do what i'm doing forever, but feels odd to consider a change. such a big change. i need to email rrrruben and let him know. i wonder if g.m. will put the kabash on the whole thing, or if she'll say anything at all. hmmm...

what a strange, wonderful day. i didn't do anything today but lie in bed and watch reruns of movies i adore. what did i watch? i watched steve zissou, wedding crashers, harold and kumar go to white castle, the interpreter, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, and the waterboy. scored some preseason football and made ziti. played with the dog, left the phone off the hook and turned my cell phone OFF. it was a great day. completely unplugged except for that nasty myspace addiction i harbor. but wtf? that's not hurting anything. i didn't shower until well past dinner time, and dinner was about 4 hours late. i love days like today. it was rainy and gloomy and there was nothing better to do. perfect day.

my stepdad is ill, neurologically ill, and they don't know what's wrong with him. they [they being a team of neurologists] think that perhaps its some sort of palsy, but as of yet it can't be pinned down to something specific and name-able. that's a tad bit frightening. more tests to come this week and another appointment with another neurologist. my poor momma. :( she's just a giant ball of stress and i'm not any help. she worries obsessively about me and the decisions i make. i wish sometimes she didn't, but secretly i'm glad she does. sometimes i think she's the only one that cares.

ramblings: going to have to make a trip to cville sometime this week. have to take the puter in for major reconstructive surgery. pos is freezing up at random times and just pissing me off. if it weren't so stinking cute i'd toss it outside along with that pos dvd player in the living room... grrr.... that and it's time for new virus software and douglas said that he has an alternative to the system i've been using. and it's free. i heart things that are free. if it's free it's for me... tee hee.... while the texas ranger got her eyebrows waxed, i bought perfume last night. for me. i generally hate perfume, but this is amazing. from the body shop (where else? that's where i need to get a job, as much as i spend...), called amorito. it's jasmine and vanilla and omg, it's just the bestest. and it doesn't give me a headache like every other perfume i've ever tried to wear....when i turn 30, i want people to leave me alone. if someone throws me a birfday party similar to the one tossed for rodney last night, i will be upset. granted, i'll already be upset because i'll be thirty and doesn't life end at 32 or 33??? i can't remember. but i only have three and a half more years to live and then it's all downhill after that... OMG! harold and kumar is on again!!! this is the stupidist movie, yet i find i'm oddly drawn to it, time and time again. and i thought i had nothing better to do than go to sleep... hehehehe...

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