14 August 2006

i can be nice

i'll take back some of the mean things i said. but since you didn't know that i said them it really doesn't do me much good, except to make me feel better about me, which is always a faboulous feeling. but don't expect this everytime. some days i don't want to be nice. you just happened to catch me on a good day...

august 26: me and the girls are shaking our asses in dallas. where, how, when, with whom, i don't know and i don't really don't care. i am so looking forward to this excursion. i must work 12 hour days between now in order to earn the pesos to fund this excursion - first class from maui eats into an already nonexistant paycheck, it was a little painful to see that one. the next one should be kosher. lemon drop martinis, here i come. green shirt = i want to smack your ass, texas ranger... plus, we're going to need bail money for donella. this is going to be great. i hope the random person she chooses is a dude, it will make the vagina story that much better. :D

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