03 August 2006

stuff gets in the way

so last night i got uugof back from karl. yeehaw. although he feels a bit like driving a tank, it's nice to have him back, dent free and with four round tires. that's always a plus, i hear it makes driving easier. :D

so yesterday i told eddy i didn't love him. and he laughed. obviously he thought i was joking otherwise i think he would have taken it a little differently. i tried to tell him last night that we need to talk but all he wants to talk about is the dog. i just don't the dog makes for good relationship glue. i take that back. we also discussed the upcoming nationals, his new job as radio commentator and ♥kasey kahne♥, who is borrowing old man's open trailer for race car hauling around kville next week. so after all that, i didn't really have any energy left for discussing how miserable i am in my everyday life and i was sort of preoccupied with daydreams (and night dreams, hehehehhe....) of kasey kahne... yum. but it's going to have to be done. i haven't worn my wedding ring in about two weeks and that's not bothering me a bit. i couldn't tell you if it's bothering him becuase 1) i haven't asked, and 2) i don't care. i need to get away from here, this isn't healthy.

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