09 August 2006

i can't decide what's worse...

...let's say someone had a random encounter with a random dude. it wasn't a full blown encounter, but it was an encounter. let's say the someone sort of knows who the dude was but is not entirely sure due to extenuating circumstances (cap'n n' coke maybe?), however pending events ensure that an upcoming meeting is eminent and unavoidable. so what's worse: not being able to recognize this person when that meeting occurs and having to be reminded of said encounter or recognizing the person immediately? you know what i think would be the worst option? if the wrong person found out. fuck. but of course, this is just hypothetical and you don't know who i am. :D

so. i'm in the process of finding a roommate. i've found a chica in wdm that has a townhouse she just bought, as well as one in ankeny. plus, there's a girl i know that's moving into an apt at 36/grand, that may work out. i'm not excited about moving and leaving everything here, but i'm anxious to get out and get on with my life. this is just weird. like today, eddy calls and he's all, 'rob's here, should we go back to sharing a room while he's here' ummm, no. ummm, hell no. i love rob and i know he's an artist and he's sensitive :) but we're going to have to fill him in sooner or later. so if he finds fat eddy sleeping on the sofa so be it. it doesn't break my heart.

tomorrow i'm going to a dildo party. i may come home with a new best friend. named b.o.b. or king tut II. hehehehehe... sorry, random dude that i think i may know. i may not need you or your services in the future. :D

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