25 August 2006

my toes! my toes!

...i love my feet right after a pedicure. and there is no better feeling than a pedicure after 13 hours of baggage-toting-traveling-arsefaces. i so earned it. :) the sweet little ling-ling that does it hardly says a word, she just makes my feet feel better. i actually don't have attractive feet, as you can see, they're really bony and my toes bend in all sorts of unnatural ways. fun fact you may or may not have known about the superjanel: i have double jointed big toes. they bend and pop in all sorts of weird ways. and they make weird noises. :D

on the house selling front: the appraiser was here today. apparently the house has increased in value since the last time it was appraised. this is a good thing. superjanel likes things that appreciate in value. i think f.e. said monday is the day we meet with the realtors to officially set up the listing. yay! i wonder how long it takes to sell a house. does it take a long time? do you know? if you know, you should answer me. i'm new to this.

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