16 August 2006

i need a day off

i want a day off. but i want a day off when no one else is home and i can do what i want. i want to sit at home and do nothing but watch dog the bounty hunter... i want to sleep until noon... i want to go to pella and let my mom force feed me chicken sandwhiches and ice cream until i think i may burst... i want to take a bubble bath with my new coconut bath bubbles... i want to wash my car... i want to spend the day in my pajamas... but i have to be at work in two hours and three minutes. so i can only daydream for 23 more minutes before i have to get in the shower or i'll be late.

dog the bounty hunter. that show cracks me up. that dude's hair cracks me up. i ended up watching the one where he got married to his long time common law wife and i've been addicted to this crap ever since. i think the tivo is full of dog. and the office. oh! and gene simmon's family jewels. that's some funny stuff. apparently i'm not lacking for too much me time, if i can watch all this television. you want to know what's pissing me off though? the tivo is in the living room, where it's always been, and fat eddy won't move his fat ass so i can get to my stuff. bastard. he keeps sleeping on the sofa, even though rob is gone and the sheets are clean in the spare bedroom. how freaking rude is that? that, and oh, this made me really mad, he's been using my computer lately because he's too lazy to go get his. get away from my shit, arseface. what's mine is mine and what's yours is...well, it's prolly mine too.

ugh. 18 minutes. so i was offered full time at work and i turned it down. i can get 65 hours a week as part-time and i can pick and choose when i want to work and where. why would i put myself at the bottom of the list as full time and not get any of my cs's approved?? nuh-huh. not happening. sure, the insurance is cheaper as full time, but i bet i can get myself covered through other means and still not have to pay as much.

friday: it's brooksie's going away party. she told miss-t that she wanted to go to a pub and so far that's all i know. i guess that's all i need to know. poor me, i have to work at 0700 on saturday morning. i should say poor coworkers. :D my all-time favorite thing that brooksie ever said: port-a-loo. that's awesome. that and she can open beer bottles with her eye. remember that commercial for foster's: "keeper"? that's all i could think of when i watched her do that... it was hysterical. she's the coolest...

7 minutes. ugh. oh! so i missed the dildo party last week - thanks dfw rampers - but have no fear. lindsey is going to become a consultant and therefore has to have a "coming out" party in september... yay me! i may make a new friend afterall... :D however, i did place an order from the catalog. but what a bizaare business. i don't have any problem talking in front of people but i still don't think i could hold up a vibrator and lecture on the proper way to use it. and keep a straight face. that takes a *special* kind of person.

3 minutes. ok. time to go. i've put it off long enough.

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