11 June 2007

i want 30 packets of ketchup

when was the last time you watched "who framed roger rabbit?" it was years for me. but i found it on the telly today. i watched, since i had little else to do this afternoon. it was great. it made me think of being 8 years old and eating vanilla pudding while i had the flu and then throwing it all up in the living room. i still think it's funny. or maybe i just haven't grown up much in the last two decades.

i did go up to the garage today and let nigel watch me eat lunch. i would have shared, i swear, but by the time i'd gotten there she'd already eaten. it's kind of depressing, being there, with all the changes going on. i don't like it much; i'm happy that i've basically been eliminated as far as working there - i fear change, especially big, scary change. i can't imagine other people working there, another owner in that office - it just seems wrong. it seems wrong that he's essentially giving up without much of a fight; i expected more fight out of him. this means that my next car will be foreign, as i will have no loyalty to a gm dealer. or rather, no gm dealer will have loyalty to me.

this week is an easy week for me - i only work a couple days. i have some other stuff planned; i hear we're having a sleepover at nigel's on wednesday, or something to that effect. i have my interview with the peace corps this week - thursday i have to drive to minneapolis for that. i'm a little nervous but it'll be fine. this weekend is a kid-free weekend, so hopefully i'll be getting my drink on. the canteena has left me half a dozen myspace comments; they're wondering where i've been.

so i went and had my hair cut yesterday. i love, love, love getting my hair cut. they give these wonderful head and neck massages while they wash your hair. it's fantasmicalous. and my hair looks ... dark. but good. the stylist who cuts my hair is the bestest; i love her to death. we talked, general stuff - "how was school?" (awful. terrible. i hated it.) "how was dubuque?" (awful. terrible. i hated it.) "how've you been?" (eh...) "what happened to your eyebrows?!" (yeah, this scary fat bitch named mimi. that's what happened. and thanks for pointing that out...")

and then she asked: "well, is it too early to ask? are you seeing anyone?"

i sort of stammered for a bit. i wasn't sure how to answer that. yeah, i've seen people. some in more compromising positions that others, some that weren't so bad and others that i don't ever want to see again. it felt really strange to answer that question - i guess i've never really had anyone ask me that, outside of a bar and with different intentions. i guess i'm sort of happy where i am at the moment. it's kind of nice not to have to worry about anyone else's feelings or needs - but there are times when i'm bored, it would be nice to have someone to entertain me.

eh, life goes on.

i'm going to go watch tv now. and i'm sort of hungry. i think there's ice cream in the freezer.

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